Zero Waste Challenge at Home: Can You Do It?

September 30, 2019

Want to minimise the amount of waste you create?

By consciously putting in the effort to recycle your plastic, re-use your containers, and other waste minimisation activities — you can make your home a zero waste zone.

Will it be easy?  No, of course not. But taking small steps, you can do it.

Here are some tips to help you start on this journey to zero waste. Take a good look around your home and see which ones you can implement immediately.


#1. Stop Using Plastic!

Refuse the use of plastic bags for your groceries or shopping. Instead, bring your own cloth bags for groceries and produce.

If you can, stop ordering fast food and buying bottled water. The plastic that is used for these will stack up quickly.

If you take a look at your trash on a weekly basis, you will be shocked at how much trash comes from fast food orders. By switching to home-cooked meals, you’ll be eating healthier while also eliminating the use of plastic bags, cups, straws, and utensils.

For your water, start using water filters that are installed in your tap and bring refillable water bottles with you when you go out.


#2.  Abandon Paper Towels

How many paper towels do you use a day? To dry your hands after washing, wipe up spills, and more. 

Instead of those disposable paper towels, cut up old shirts, sheets, or towels into small sizes and set them aside in boxes. Every time you need to wipe something, just grab a handkerchief-sized cloth and throw them in the washer when done.

No more paper trash in your bin!


#3.  Reduce Food Waste and Start a Food Compost

Food wastage is a big problem all over the world. We’re now living in a society of excess. We buy so much but end up not using most of it. This is especially true for the food we eat.

One simple way to reduce waste is by simply consuming all of your food and making sure nothing goes to waste. Challenge yourself to get creative with leftovers. Whip up a stir-fry, make a healthy meal for your pet, or make something you’ve never made before.

And for those that still end up in the garbage, build your own compost pile or get a compost bin and dispose of them there instead.

The compost bin allows the biodegradable scraps to decompose naturally. You can eventually use the compost as fertiliser for your plants or garden. You can also check in your area for compost pick up programs or drop off sites.


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