Top Items You Should Recycle From Your Home

January 10, 2020

Do you want to minimise your impact on the environment?

When thinking about helping the environment, you might imagine joining Greenpeace rallies, going to the beach to join a plastic waste pick up group, or anything else a little out of your comfort zone.

But instead, why not start leaving a positive impact in your very own home?

There are so many simple but significant ways you can do this from the comfort of your home. The easiest is to recycle items that you would normally just dispose of.

Here are the top items that you can easily find around your home that you can recycle:

#1. Plastic bottles and containers

Did you know that it takes about 700 years for just one plastic bottle to breakdown?

That is why it is very important to recycle plastic bottles and containers. Through recycling, the plastic bottles are first sorted according to their material type, and then chopped into small pieces and cleaned. Once cleaned, they are melted down which can then be formed into new plastic materials for other uses.

Instead of throwing your plastic bottles into any bin you see, make sure you throw it in one that is designated for plastics. You can read the lid to determine which bin is right.

#2. Glass bottles, jars and containers

Similar to plastic bottles, glass bottles, jars and containers also go through a specific process when recycled. These glass bottles and jars are cleaned, broken down and melted, and then melted into new glass materials and products.

#3. Paper

To recycle paper, it must first be separated into specific types and grades. Once separated, it is washed to remove ink, glue, and other impurities. The combination of water and paper results in a slurry that is mixed with other chemicals to create other paper products such as cardboard or newsprints.

#4. Clothes

Clothes are also recyclable materials. Recycling clothes is often referred to as textile recycling. The clothes are shredded and pulled into fibres which are then used to create new textile goods.

Aside from going through the textile recycling process, you can also simply donate the clothes to charitable foundations that can distribute them to those that need them.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the common things in our home that can be recycled. The more we recycle, the less we contribute to the garbage that ends up in our landfills. You just need to be serious enough to start and keep it going. Imagine if everyone on the planet starts doing it.

Start today to leave a positive impact on both the environment and those around you.

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